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littlepainslut has been using big words again today, so here she is explaining todays lesson.

Listen to her edge herself stupid, as she repeats a new mantra. She really has such a sexy, sultry voice, I got rock hard the first time I heard this. Enjoy hearing her just dripping with embarrassment, as the shame only gets her more aroused. 

Big words are dumb. Small words make me wet.

Big words are dumb. Small words make me wet.

This is hot well done all involved


Anonymous asked:

so im a fiesty women who finds men weak ...I have an innate disrespect for men no matter how hard I hav tried to relate and like them I simply dont. Im a straight female however and do get sexually aroused occasionally by a man but frankly I get bored by them. What would you do to break me and make me submit to a male?

I’m glad you messaged me slut, its a shame that you have not yet found the right man to humiliate you and fuck you in the most degrading ways imaginable, but, its fairly clear that from your message that its exactly what you want.

Sluts like you are the worst of all, the kind that pretends she has contempt for men but deep down KNOWS she needs to be on here knees getting FUCKED and begging for it. There are lots of deluded whores like you you probably even think your a “feminist” lol you have a good job and have been told your a mans equal all your little life. But in spite off all that you still have a NEED to submit inside you and you carnt pretend it doesnt turn you on. When you “occasionally” get turned on by men are they always treating you like meat and fucking you? Probably.

In regards to what i would do to ” Break” you lol again. Nothing. Your a submissive little fuck toy that NEEDS degradation and humiliation i will IGNORE you until you ACCEPT what you are and crawl to me begging to be treated the way YOU desire.

Either accept your a DIRTY female CUNT that needs male control and discipline or go back to your copy of fifty shades of gray and keep wanking yourself to sleep pretending your not a WHORE IN WAITING.  

Message me back when you have found Nirvana Whore and not before.


Anonymous asked:

I'm 5'1, 34 DD breasts. Not fat, but a little chubby. Big tight ass, tight pussy. Long red hair, green eyes sir. What would you do to humiliate me?

well you mentioned it in your message Piggy your clearly conscience of you weight so id go with that slowly changing your diet making you gain pound after pound. Perhaps i could give you a weekly goal to hit? and since you seem to like humiliation so much piggy as you get fatter your clothes will get smaller and sluttier. That’s to start Slut just to test the waters after a while i wouldn’t be so nice to you but only because that’s the way you want it. Enjoy Piggy.

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