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My life has been completely taken oven with my obsession with porn, I can’t make myself come any more and I can’t find any one who can make me cum either most men bore me shitless, I think there scared of me . I just need so badly for someone to act like a proper man !! I’d get on my hands and knees and beg them to fuck me properly ! Iam desperate for some to take charge of me and let me act like a filthy slut ! I wanna be kept in a cage and fed out of a dog bowl and if Iam a good girl maybe he will let me out to suck on his an his friends cocks when the footballs on and fetch them beers. But only on my hands and knees! I need to be handled properly! Iam sick of haveing to ask nicely just to get my ace spanked! I need a man who will make me sit by the Side of his toliet so he can piss in my mouth to save water? Is there any body? Who can be trusted to act like a poper man behind closed doors and keep his gob shut about it? Or should I give up know and just try to enjoy the missionary piston staring at the celling whilst he grunts :-(

There are many men who will happily treat you like this, if you are serious about it, there is no need to have boring missionary position sex if you don’t want to. I’m sure you will get the chance to be fucked in many strange and humiliating ways just like you crave to be. 

Also what kind of porn are you addicted to slut?

Amateur Girlfriend is Really Naughty and Likes to Play with her Pussy in Public While Her Master Watches!

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littlepainslut has been using big words again today, so here she is explaining todays lesson.

Listen to her edge herself stupid, as she repeats a new mantra. She really has such a sexy, sultry voice, I got rock hard the first time I heard this. Enjoy hearing her just dripping with embarrassment, as the shame only gets her more aroused. 

Big words are dumb. Small words make me wet

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